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Environmental Sustainability

We’re on a journey to reduce our impact to the environment. To help us achieve this, we’ve introduced a range of initiatives which include:

  • Adopting an Environmental Sustainability Policy
  • Offsetting air travel carbon with credits
  • Encouraging virtual meetings where practical to reduce associated travel
  • Purchasing hybrid vehicles for fleet replacement
  • Completed our first Materiality Assessment
  • Established an internal Sustainability Steering Committee
  • Joining the Sustainable Business Network
  • Launching Supplier Sustainability Code of Ethics Policy
  • Improving cultural competency
  • Initiating a Waste Reduction Audit
  • Achieved Toitū carbonreduce certification

Our reduction targets

We have identified six key areas of our environmental footprint to focus on initially. We started measuring our progress in 2021 and have set some targets to achieve by 2025.

Reduced carbon emissions on
air travel by

Reduced carbon emissions
from vehicles by 25%

Reduced electricity
consumption by 20%

Reduced weight of waste
to Landfill by 25%

Reduced Auckland Laboratory water
and wastewater usage by 20%

Materiality Assessment

A Materiality Assessment is a tool used to help form the basis of a sustainability strategy. It formalises and prioritises areas of focus according to external and internal stakeholders and potential business impacts. The outcome of this assessment is a Materiality Matrix. From late 2021 to March 2022, we completed our first Materiality Assessment. Our Materiality Matrix shows that these three areas are critical to AsureQuality’s success:

  • Effective service delivery that meets customer needs
  • Building a healthy and happy workforce
  • Expanding capabilities in data, insights, and advanced audit technology.

In addition to these three critical areas are others of importance. These relate to innovation, thought leadership, sustainability leadership and providing guidance to our customers and partners. Our strategy reflects our Materiality Assessment, highlighting the importance of environmental sustainability, community engagement, and wellbeing.

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Sustainable Business

We are proud members of the Sustainable Business Network committed to working together to empower business so that people and nature prosper. Through our membership contribution we support the restoration of New Zealand’s waterways through our membership contribution to Million Metres.

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Toitū carbonreduce certification

To support our environmental sustainability efforts, we joined Toitū in 2020 and began to monitor our carbon emissions. In 2022 AsureQuality become a Toitū carbonreduce certified organisation in line with ISO 14064 1. We are proud to take science-based action to sustain the life of this place, our people and our future.

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Environmental and Sustainability Assurance

The need for environmental assurance is rapidly growing. We are building a suite of services to help customers showcase best practice and meet regulatory requirements. Wherever you are on your environmental sustainability journey, we can support you through training, technical insights, or certification services.

More about AsureQuality

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Our Story

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Board of Directors

AsureQuality's Board of Directors have been selected from a diverse range of backgrounds and abilities to ensure we are governed effectively.

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Management Team

Effective leadership is a central part of AsureQuality's winning formula. Our executive team leads with strong, inspirational leadership.