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Past Webinars

Organic Certification Process with AsureQuality

Recorded: 15th December 2023
This webinar presents an overview of the Organic certification process for organic farms, fields, orchards, livestock, apiary and aquaculture, processing, and handling practices in New Zealand. The webinar also introduces core principles of organic production practices that provide confidence a product can be marketed as “Organic”. 

Watch here(external link)

Halal Suite of Courses 

Recorded: 17th November 2023
In food assurance, Halal refers to the method of preparing handling and processing food and animals in accordance with Islamic law and involves specific guidelines and methods.

The AsureQuality Academy offers four different Halal-specific training courses, from Halal awareness through to auditing, animal processing and welfare skills. The courses are designed to give participants an understanding of the concepts of Halal and Shariah Law and how they are aligned to their industry or business. This webinar covers an overview of each of our courses to help you choose which is the best fit for your team and business, and find out about the unit standards you’ll gain at the end of each course.

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Animal Product E-Cert (Dairy only) 

Recorded: 30th October 2023
Our webinar provides an overview of how the Academy course works, and is ideal for anyone such as dairy manufacturers, stores or transporters who may be considering whether to enrol in the Animal Products E-Cert course. It touches on the content that will be covered, including the building blocks of the E-Cert system, the steps required to obtain official assurance, and efficient use of AP E-Cert to minimise costs.

Watch here(external link)

Building a Food Safety Culture

Recorded: 29th September 2023
Our 30-minute webinar provides an overview of what to expect from our Building a Food Safety Training course. Trainer, Tuke Joseph, will introduce the five pillars of a strong food safety culture, discuss some of the tools you’ll need to develop a food safety culture plan, and answer any questions you may have about the course.

View course here(external link)

Petfood Inspection

Recorded: 25th August 2023
During this webinar, Trainer Scott Strachan will delve into the crucial topic of Petfood Inspection Ante-Mortem (AM) and Post-Mortem (PM). This webinar is designed to provide an overview of key areas covered in the full three-day course, allowing participants to gain insights into the essential concepts of pet food inspection procedures that are covered in greater detail during the comprehensive course.

Watch here(external link)

Introductory Food Safety

Recorded: 28th July 2023
This webinar is ideal for anyone working in the food and dairy industry and will focus on an intro to the essentials of food safety.  AQ Academy Trainer Lisa-Marie Mclean will share her knowledge on some key food safety topics such as preventing food contamination and understanding hygiene practices.

Watch here(external link)