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AgriBase is one of Aotearoa's most interesting databases. It spatially maps almost every farm in the country. Providing each with its own traceable ID, it holds information on approximately 144,500 live (current) New Zealand rural properties.

These include properties involved in livestock farming, arable cropping, horticulture, viticulture, or forestry. Lifestyle blocks and conservation estate are also included in AgriBase. 

AgriBase is the most complete and wide-ranging farm database in Aotearoa 

About AgriBase

AgriBase holds key contact details for the farm. It has information about: farm type, size, animal numbers by stock class, planted areas for different orchard or crop types (including forestry), and the spatial coordinates of the farm usable within a geographic information system (GIS).

AgriBase is largely used to

  • Support initiatives that enhance New Zealand’s agricultural productivity and ability to trade;
  • Support rural responses to disease, pests, and other emergencies;
  • Produce agricultural statistics and to assist fundraising by rescue services.

Both government and industry sector groups use AgriBase as a master index for all rural land holdings involved in some form of primary production.

To date, some examples of its use include

  • Biosecurity threats
    • When a pest or disease outbreak occurs within New Zealand, AgriBase is used to facilitate trace backs and disease containment.
  • Disaster relief
    • The AgriBase unique farm ID has been used to locate and contact properties affected by drought, fire, snow or flooding to assess levels of damage and assist with applications for Government funded relief.
  • Flood recovery planning
    • Spatial data from AgriBase has been used to calculate the proportion of land affected by slips, enabling farmers and growers to determine likely future effects on production.
  • Land use planning 
    • The AgriBase unique farm ID has enabled land use planning based on historic data recorded against the ID, including previous land use, historic heavy metal or other chemical residues, etc.
  • Within farm planning 
    • AgriBase has assisted individual farmers with fertiliser planning, mapping of on-farm hazards and recording stock exclusion from waterways.
  • Research
    • Researchers and research organisations have used AgriBase and its spatial capability to evaluate land use change and future potential, support water quantity and quality modelling and contribute to epidemiological research into human and animal health issues.

Find Answers to Common Questions

Where/how did you get my details?

There are a number of ways that we may have received your contact details, such as: 

  • We may have sourced your information from Land Information NZ. Property ownership data is a public record within New Zealand that any person can access.
  • AsureQuality may hold your contact details from any verification services you have enrolled in, i.e. farm assurance programmes
  • If cattle or deer have ever been farmed on your property, the property may have been registered in the past as part of a Tb scheme
  • Similarly, other Primary Industry organisations have encouraged growers and producers to register properties with AgriBase such as Pork, Poultry and Horticulture.
  • If your property was ever included within a pest or disease biosecurity control zone, it may have been recorded and registered as a result 

It is important to note that a key focus of AgriBase is land use across NZ.  Therefore, properties remain registered with AgriBase regardless of who the current owner might be.

Why are the details for my property incorrect and out of date?

It may have been a while since we carried out a data currency campaign in your area. 

The information we hold may be from a previous owner, or you may have sold part of your farm or bought additional land. 

Now would be a great opportunity to update the information for your property.

What is the purpose of AgriBase, and how will my data be used by AQ?

AgriBase data is used for the specific purposes outlined in the AgriBase data collection purpose statement(external link) , and may include:

  • Disaster relief, i.e. drought, fire, snow or flooding/recovery planning (i.e. calculating proportion of land affected by slips, enabling farmers and growers to determine likely future effects on production);
  • Land use planning, i.e. informing planning based on historic data held, including previous land use, environmental quality issues and product quality issues;
  • Biosecurity threats, i.e. when a pest or disease outbreak occurs within NZ, AgriBase is used to facilitate trace backs and disease containment.
  • Support bona fide research for the public good by Crown Research Institutes and Universities
  • To help produce agricultural statistics
  • To provide landowners with the opportunity to support rescue helicopter services in your region. 

AgriBase data is never used for commercial marketing purposes.

If I register or update my property details, what is in it for me?

By helping us respond to pest or disease outbreaks, you help to keep New Zealand plant and livestock species free from disease. 

In cases of disaster relief, i.e. drought, fire, snow or flooding/recovery planning (i.e. calculating proportion of land affected by slips, enabling farmers and growers to determine likely future effects on production).

How do I register my property on AsureQuality's AgriBase database?

1. Find the relevant form on this page. Choose from AgriBase Property Registration forms for General, Poultry, Horticulture, Equine, or Pork farms. If you are unsure, please use the General form DOCX (60 KB)

2. Complete the form that applies to you with your property ownership and management information, property details, location, and property enterprise details.  

3. Send the completed form to us via emailWe will then input this information into the AgriBase database where it is held securely(external link)

Who has access to my data? Is it passed on to third parties?

AsureQuality may disclose AgriBase data to third parties in accordance with the AgriBase data collection purpose statement(external link) and the Privacy Act 2020. 

Any third party use is always covered under licence agreement confining use to the specific purpose. 

Examples of third parties are Central and Local Government Agencies, Industry groups, Research Institutes & Universities for research purposes. 

AgriBase data is never used for commercial marketing purposes.

How can I access the data you hold in relation to my property?

Verified key contacts have the right of access to, and correction of, their information provided to AsureQuality in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.


I have sold this farm, what/who should I advise?

Contact, advising the AgriBase FarmID if known, Key Contact Details (name, address, phone, email), full physical address of the main property.

Is it compulsory for me to provide this information?

No, registration with AgriBase is encouraged, but is not compulsory.

Can I remove my data, or restrict its use?

Once a property has been created, it is not removed unless it was created in error.  If it has been absorbed/amalgamated with another property it is archived for historical tracing purposes. 

A property record can have a “Restricted – For Legislative Use Only” flag against it which will prevent it from being used for any purpose other than those related to specific Legislative Acts, i.e. Biosecurity, Food Safety, Animal Welfare.

If my data is restricted will I still receive an update form?

Yes, you will still receive an update form for any relative data collection programmes your property falls within.

I no longer wish to receive update forms

Contact to add a “Do Not Post” flag against the record.

How is property ownership verified?

Ownership is verified against Land Information NZ data.

What is AsureQuality’s relationship with the Heli Trust?

Rescue helicopter services are charities that receive government funding for the essential medical services they provide in emergency situations. AsureQuality works in partnership with some of the rescue helicopter services because of the vital work they do protecting Aotearoa’s rural communities.

Is my AgriBase FarmID, or location information, used by the Heli Trust in an emergency to locate the property?

Rescue Services no longer use AgriBase data to locate properties in emergency situations.

My question wasn’t answered here, what do I do?

Contact with your query.  If you know your AgriBase FarmID please include it in your email.

Where do I find my AgriBase FarmID?

To find your AgriBase FarmID please contact our AgriBase Specialist team via