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Sustainability Assurance

Build trust with consumers by ensuring your food and fibre products are produced in a sustainable and ethical way.

The need for sustainability assurance in the primary sector is rapidly growing; consumers are demanding sustainability action, regulation is increasing, and export market access increasingly requires proof of responsible production. Sustainability assurance verifies progress in areas such as greenhouse gas emissions, freshwater protection, biodiversity, staff health and wellbeing, animal welfare, responsible procurement, good governance, and transparency. Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, we can support you through training, technical insights, or certification services.

What we do

Our Sustainability Assurance team develops assurance programmes for sustainable food production, working with customers on-farm, in production facilities, and right across the value chain. We support many stakeholders that engage with our primary industries, including national and local government, banks, insurers, and software providers.

Whether your goal is compliance, or you are seeking to create additional value for your business through proactive action, our experienced team can create an assurance programme to suit your business. If you have an existing assurance programme, our team can review and help to ensure it is meeting your goals, as well as provide independent audits or other assurance services to demonstrate credibility.

Email the Sustainability Assurance team directly on or use the link below to send a general enquiry to our wider customer services team.

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NZ0/New Zealand Zero Certification

AsureQuality is an independent auditor of the New Zealand Zero/NZ0 Certification.

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Freshwater Farm Plans

Freshwater Farm Plan Certifier and Auditor programme