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Our thoughts are with all those affected by the cyclone that has caused such destruction, especially in the food producing areas of New Zealand. To all our growers, farmers and food businesses, you are top of mind at this very difficult time. 

AsureQuality understand that the impact to your business is something you have been coming to terms with over the last month and will be changing day-to-day, especially as it relates to the produce you grow and the food you prepare.  

The MPI guidance(external link) for harvesting flood-affected product for human consumption outlines a number of things to consider. Due to the nature of this unfortunate event, the risk of cross-contamination is high so each individual situation will be different.  

To provide assurance that food is safe, AsureQuality’s food and specialty testing labs (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch) can help with a range of rapid testing options for key pathogens and contaminants: 

  • Rapid testing to detect possible presence of Listeria and Salmonella 
  • Microbiological indicator tests of wastewater contamination, e.g. E. coli. 
  • Chemical contaminant testing, specifically pesticide residue and heavy metal testing potentially caused by contamination from a nearby farm or buried waste. 

Note that testing is relevant to the food product itself as well as surface and environment swab samples.  
We are here to help, please reach out to one of our customer experience experts for more information and to discuss how we can support your testing needs.  
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