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George Joseph appointed Chair-Elect of Official Methods Board

in Laboratory Testing, Corporate News
Author: AsureQuality

George Joseph, Technical Manager Auckland Laboratory, has been a member of the Official Methods Board (OMB) for the past three years, and his contribution to the organisation has been recognised with his recent appointment to Chair-Elect.

The mission of the OMB is to serve the Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC) International in a scientific and advisory capacity to foster the highest standards of scientific integrity. The AOAC International is a globally recognised organisation that leads the development of scientific testing methods across the world. Part of the OMB’s focus is to maintain and advance the Association’s reputation as a globally leading source of scientific information in the areas of safety, food integrity and other products that impact public health.

Over the past few years, George has been involved with setting priorities, establishing policies, and managing the affairs of AOAC International as part of the Board of Directors. He has made significant contributions in both management and technical roles to serve the Association in a scientific and advisory capacity on methods and the process of their adoption.

Now in his new role as Chair-Elect, George will form part of the three-strong OMB leadership group consisting of Chair-Elect, Chair and Past-Chair, known as the Core Team.

For George, his appointment is an exciting opportunity to work with other industry leaders who are passionate about ensuring the highest standards of scientific integrity.

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with a diverse group of individuals who bring different perspectives and expertise to the table. Carefully planned leadership in discussions and fostering teamwork can create innovative solutions and meaningful progress,” says George.

Michael Hodgson, Group Service Manager – Food Testing at AsureQuality says that George’s expertise and commitment to ensuring the highest standards of food testing have stood out throughout his time with the company.

“Being elected to such a high-profile position is another significant achievement for George and on behalf of us all at the Auckland Laboratory, we are immensely proud of George and the impact that his contributions make across the world,” says Michael.