Animal Export   Certification

testing, treatment
and certification for
all animal exports
from NZ

Animal Export and Certification

Our experienced veterinarians and field technicians work together to provide official inspection, testing, treatment and certification for all livestock being exported from NZ including cattle, horses, sheep, alpacas, and germplasm.

AsureQuality provides a pre-export certification service that covers inspection, testing and treatment of animals destined for export.

Serology samples go to our Wellington Laboratory which is a MPI Recognised Laboratory (Export Testing) (link to RA cert).

Export of Cats and Dogs to Australia

For information on exporting cats and dogs to Australia click on one of the links below:

Steps to Export(external link)

Information for Approved Veterinarians(external link)


Contact the Exports team. Please note AsureQuality can only supply Imidocarb to MPI approved Vet Practices as part of the Cats & Dogs Export Programme to Australia.